How to Optimize Google My Business Listings?

How to Optimize Google My Business Listings?

What is Google My Business Listings?

Google My Business is a free and easy tool for business local listing in Google Maps. Google local listings have three basic requirement that includes NAP (name, address, and phone number). You can optimize your business listing by adding other details and also increase the chances to come into three packs.

Why is Google My Business Listings Important?

When a business is added to Google My Business, it can appear in Google searches, Google Maps, and even Google Earth whenever someone searches for your business name, address, and contact details.

  • 97% of customers search for local business online
  • 90% of smartphone users perform a local mobile search
  • 43% of people online are looking for something to buy locally


Improve your local search ranking and help your customers with a complete profile. There are several things you can do to increase your ranking and market your business on Google Maps.

  1. Verify your Google My Business Information: Make sure that your business information should be complete and accurate. Following are mandatory fields which should be correct -
  2. Contact information and website URL: Add all the possible information for contacting your business which includes your correct address, telephone number, and website URL.
  3. Business hours: Always add correct business hours to your GMB listing which can lead your potential customers to your business.
  4. No duplicate pieces of information: Google will show owner conflict when we use multiple phone numbers or locations listed for one actual business.
  5.  Get Google Reviews: User reviews is another dimension to gain customer trust for your business and it’s also a good ranking factor in Google Maps. You can ask loyal customers to write a review for your business. Just a few positive reviews will be enough to instantly boost your rankings in Google Maps.
  6. Attributes: Attributes tell customers more about your business. To change attributes available for your business category, click on Attributes.
  7. Properly Categorize Your Business: When you create your business listing in Google My business, you must add the primary industry category correctly which describe your business.
  8. Embed a Google Map on Your Website: Another way to rank better on Google Maps is to embed a Google Map on your website. Most businesses place a map on the contact page of their site. Embedding a Google Map is just another way of telling Google that your business is located where your listing says it is. Use the same address that you have on your Google My Business listing.
  9. Optimize the Listing Description (From the Business): Enter a brief account of your business – what you offer, what sets you apart, your history, or anything else that's helpful for customers to know. Focus mainly on details about your business instead of details about promotions, sales, or prices. Don't include URLs or HTML code or exceed 750 characters in the description field.  
  10. Add Photos and Videos to the Listing: Add good photos of your business which highlights your business. You can add more than one photo for all sections -

  • Profile - Your profile photo is used to show your identity when you post a photo or reply to a review.
  • Cover - Your cover photo should display the personality of your business. It is your preferred photo to be shown on your listing in Search and Maps.
  • Video - Use a video to tell the story of your business and what makes it unique.
  • Interior - Post photos of the inside of your location so that customers know what to expect
  • Exterior - Post photos of the outside of your location so that customers can find you
  • At work - Post photos of your team at work, doing what they do best
  • Team - Post photos so that customers can discover more about your business

Optimize the Listing to Create a Post

We can post a blog, events, products, and offers directly to Google Search and Maps listing through Google My Business.

  • Blogs - We can post content up to 300 words and also add a button on the reference link which is displayed on Google local listing.
  • Events - We can tell customers about upcoming events by adding event details, event title, start date, end date, and button also.
  • Offers – We can add latest offers on our Google My Business listing and also add offer link on a button.
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