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Web Analytics Services

Use Envigo's Google Analytics Certified Professionals to help you audit and improve website analytics for your business. Create custom data analytics reports within Google Analytics, Google Data Studio or Tableau.

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  • Google Analytics

    Analytics account migration, Audit and integration of Analytics, Removing common Analytics implementation errors. Webmaster, Adwords and other systems by Google Certified Analytics Professionals

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  • Tag Management

    Go Agile with Analytics implementation through an Analytics Tag Manager like Google Tag Manager. Deploy tags through a tag manager - minimise deployment time and errors

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  • Google 360 Suite

    Google 360 Suite setup advisory, Reporting with BigQuery using GA 360 data Setup of Roll up reporting. Data-driven attribution modelling

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  • Web Analytics Audit

    Gain insights of opportunity areas & accuracy of current data tracking & reporting through our certified analytics professionals. Data audit services includes reporting aligned to business objectives, accurate leads capturing & customer acquisition flow.

  • Custom Web Analytics Reports

    Analyze your data in custom reports through multiple dimensions & metrics, relevant to your business objectives.

  • Advanced Data Visualisation

    Understand complex patterns in data sets through visual charts & graphics from multiple data sources for quick decision making. Use Google Big query for centralised data storage & analysis. Use Google Data Studio or Tableau for Data visualisation.

What do you get?

Our proven expertise in Analytics will assist you in minimizing the redundancy of data and take advantage of the below-listed features for effective customer understanding.

  • Goals and funnel setups
  • E-commerce tracking
  • Site search queries
  • Campaign measurement
  • A/B Testing
  • Cross domain tracking
  • Dashboards and Custom reports
  • User Flow visualization
  • Cross-device tracking
  • CTA buttons tracking
  • Forms tracking
  • Banners/Images Tracking
  • Videos Tracking
  • AMP Tracking

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