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SEO is POWER: Online and Offline Sales

There comes a times when after working on search engine optimisation (seo) for months, you wonder whether you should continue with it even after achieving good rankings for the desired keywords and good rankings.
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Multilingual or Multiregional: Do Not Mix with International Targeting

A website intended for multiple countries and/or languages can pose significant challenges. It can create a ripple effect in the sense that a mistake in the original site will be replicated in all the duplicate sites. Therefore, it is recommended that the original site is thoroughly tested and so is the infrastructure that will be used to handle those sites. Moreover, multilingual or multiregional sites are completely different and should not be confused with international targeting.
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Optimising Your Content for Featured Snippets

I am sure everyone of us, while searching on the Google must have noticed sometimes a descriptive box answering your query at the top of all the search results. This highlighted content appearing as the top google search result is a featured snippet. This always appears above the organic search results and just below the sponsored/ paid results in SERPs. This article unfolds the featured snippets mysteries for SEO nerds who are striving hard to generate organic traffic and busy with their rigorous strategies to build it with this showcase content.
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Mar 26, 2018 | Web Analytics | Saurabh Kumar

Data-Driven Attribution Model Demystified

The data-driven attribution (DDA) model in analytics uses algorithms to find and analyze statistically significant data from multiple data sources. It uses actual data from an analytics account to generate a custom model. This helps in assigning the conversion credit to marketing touchpoints throughout the entire customer journey. A custom data-driven model offers a more thorough and actionable view of the best-performing digital channels and keywords, so better decisions can be made about where to invest the marketing resources. DDA analyzes data from all Google products linked to Analytics, such as AdWords, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, and Google Display Network plus data from organic search, direct traffic, and referral traffic. It also incorporates data imported via the Cost Data Upload feature.
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Link Building in 2018 - What You Should Know

Link building is the process of earning links on other websites. Natural earned links directly improves the relevancy and authority of a website and largely impacts where it ranks in search engines. On the other hand, self-created links are risky as they can get penalised by the Google webspam team.
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Mar 14, 2018 | Web Analytics | Saurabh Kumar

Implementation of User Id via GTM & Benefits

I realise we have all always wanted to know how visitors actually interact on our website through different devices. For example, what are the combination of devices through which they come and get converted here as leads for us. Additionally, the lifetime value of different user types and differences between members & non-members are not available in any basic GA reports.
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Mobile first index: is your website ready?

For close to a year, we have been hearing a lot about mobile-first indexing, and how Google is making the imminent transition to reflect user behaviour trends & to make the web mobile-friendly. Despite the chatter, there is a lot of confusion around what exactly it means for business owners. Will they have to change anything and/or everything? Will making the site mobile-friendly be good enough? Will you have to create a mobile site if currently you only have a desktop version?
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Mar 08, 2018 | Web Analytics | Saurabh Kumar

How to Set Up Cross Domain Tracking via Google Analytics

Cross domain tracking enables Google Analytics to view different sessions on related sites as a single session. Such kind of tracking is also known as site linking. In the absence of cross-domain tracking, when a user lands on your online shopping site and later moves to a third party shopping cart/ecommerce site, he is accounted for as two separate users. These separate users, in Google Analytics, are shown to have separate sessions.
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Google My Business GMB Listing Guide For 2018

Google Places was renamed as Google My Business in June 2014. It is a product of Google that let us create and manage free business listings in Google Maps so that people can see our business when doing a local search. Google My Business well known as GMB.
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Schema Markup Best Practices – Json-LD Vs Microdata

Schema is a standardised mark-up for a webpage content that is well recognized by search engines for helping website improve its online visibility. Its use makes complex data structured and presentable.
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