How can SEO Leverage Quora Power?

  • May 28, 2018

  • by Saurabh Kumar

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How can SEO Leverage Quora Power?

If there is an online social network with over 100 million users asking questions that they know will be answered back, do you think it’d be a good source to generate website traffic?


Quora is a kind of forum where anyone can pose questions and expect them to be answered. The Quora community also votes up to the most relevant and helpful answer which bubbles up higher than the other responses.

It’s true that the real impact of SEO is seen only after some time, PPC advertising gives different results. On the other hand, social media takes up a lot of time and energy and other forms of advertising becomes very expensive for your business vis a vis expected return. Therefore, the free traffic from Quora makes it an exciting platform worth considering. 

How is Quora a unique platform?

A lot of different platforms let you interact with your target audience – be it Twitter or Facebook. So, what makes Quora unique?

The best part about Quora is that you get to engage with your target audience when they are asking you questions. On Quora, you can step in and take part in an ongoing conversation centred around your offerings as well.  For instance, if you sell shoes, you can answer questions about fitness, exercise, running, weight loss tips, etc.

Note that every conversation that happen here will organically introduce your brand to the users as you can sneak a mention of the brand or the store (online or offline).

How can you leverage Quora traffic?

1. Make an appealing profile

The first thing that a Quora user does after reading your reply to a question is to visit your profile in order to know more about you. If they realise that you have an uninteresting page, they are not likely to trust the information provided by you. So, it makes sense to build your Quora profile for an enriching experience. 

 A few tips:

  • Use prominent headline to build your online image as a source of authority in your field. 
  • Add some of your best accomplishments 
  • Add your location and business title 

2. Pick the right/relevant topics

When you customize your account, you are given an option to select from a wide range of topics that you may find interesting and Quora keeps you updated with the most recent questions asked based on your topic selection.

Thus, one of the best aspect of this is that you don’t have to go about hunting questions that you want to answer about your areas of interest. 

What’s more? Quora even sends you notifications through emails about relevant questions that you may want to check out and try to answer them. You can even use the search bar to pick relevant questions to answer to sneak in your brand mention. So, it’s best to have a wider option in terms of interest to have more opportunities to answer questions with a fresh set of audience.

3. Impress with your knowledge

Make sure you know your goal clearly while answering any question in order to establish yourself as an expert to have a great followers’ list on Quora. But providing an informative and detailed answer isn’t going to cut it; you will have to subtly leave an impression of you being an expert in different ways.

In order to do this, you need to have a professional profile picture and a strong headline. Furthermore, you need to pay a close attention to the tone you use while answering your questions. Slip in a sentence or two to highlight or focus on your professional expertise and experience to establish authority of an expert. 

4. Provide helpful answers

You shouldn’t compromise on providing value in order to establish your authority. People reach out to Quora to get a response for their query, so your first job is to provide a helpful answer with insightful information. If you do this in a consistent manner, then, gradually, you will generate a following – of people who actually trust you. 

So, don’t be pretentious or fake being an expert because it can’t last for long so you can fumble over an answer which can reveal your lack of expertise. Address the problems of the users effectively to deliver value. If you continue to do it, your value will continue to increase and your brand awareness will eventually grow – leading to more traffic to your site.

5. You can also ask questions

The best part about Quora is that you can get your questions answered as well. Being an expert shouldn’t stop you from asking questions. By asking questions, you can connect with your audience at large. You can run surveys, ask for a feedback, offers, etc. to improve on the quality of your product or service. This kind of market research on Quora will help you improve your overall product offering. 

6. Insert Links

Quora allows you to use hyperlinks within your answers. This helps in directing readers to your site. But, ensure that you don’t stuff your answers with links after links. There is an SEO advantage to creating Quora backlinks to your site, do it organically and tactfully to make sure it doesn’t look forceful and do it only if adds value response you share on the platform. 

The secret to being successful at leveraging Quora to generate website traffic is to provide helpful answers to genuinely help your readers and better serve their needs – which can eventually lead to more reach and greater impact to your business.

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