Google Ads Impression Share: How to Understand and Boost Your Impression Share

  • Nov 21, 2018

  • by Saurabh Kumar

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Google Ads Impression Share: How to Understand and Boost Your Impression Share

There are many instances where users put the keywords on hold because they do not receive click or impression volume. Although pausing is a quick solution, it should be kept as a last option. Apart from pausing, there are other options like diagnosing a keyword, analysing why volume is not generated, and why is a keyword overlooked yet impression is shared by informative metric.

What is Impression share?

In simple terms, it is the total number of impressions received by an individual which is divided by an estimated quantity of impressions the individual was able to fetch. It depends on how eligible a running ad is. It depends on approval status, targeting settings, and quality scores.

Different Kinds of Impression Share in Google Ads

Impression share is more than just numbers and quantities. There are different attributes that will aid in getting a deeper analysis of impression share. Listed below are several breakdowns you can follow:

  1. Search impression share – your impression share is strictly meant for impressions produced through the Search Network.
  2. Display impression share – Display network helps in generating impressions for impression share.
  3. Impression share lost to searches (specifically budget) – it is the amount of impressions in percentage that was lost in the Search Network due to a lack of budget. This happens during Campaign only.
  4. Display lost impression share (budget) – it is the percentage of impressions lost during generation of impressions on Display Network due to shortage of budget.
  5. Searches lost to impression share in ranking – impressions are lost on Search Network owing to low ad rank. This is called the Search lost impression share.
  6. Loss of display rank in impression share– the percentage of impressions you missed out on the Display Network because of lower ad rank.
  7. Search exact match impression share – this is the impression share received from the Search Network when you search queries related to keywords.

Why is Impression share important?

The reason is, if you use Impression share you can figure out why a keyword is not performing. Indications on Impression share will give you an analysis of keyword failure. The pointers mentioned above will help you identify whether bidding or a budget-related issue is the reason behind your keywords’ poor performance.

How to Boost Your Google Ads Impression Share

You can improve Google Ads Impression Share by using these additional strategies-

  1. Regulate geo-targeting settings – Any changes that you make in location settings, like a decrease or restriction of location settings, a hike in impression share can be seen. You can channel all your efforts on one area by targeting a location. This in return, will give you more control over that target. Although your ads will occupy a smaller area in general, appropriate steps should be taken to make your ads visible over as large an area as possible.
  2. Enhance the quality of your ad– Ad quality also plays an important role in Impression share. When you take the steps necessary for improving your PPC ads, Google will display your ads more often than usual. To improve your ad, work on ad text by making the text clearer and more specific. Keywords should be made relevant to the searches as much as possible.

Impression share acts as a tool to help you work better on low-performing keywords. Also, you will have more options to improve your keyword instead of simply pausing it. You can consider increasing bids or regular budget, enhancing the all-round quality of ad words and keywords or applying relevant keywords before pausing keywords for a certain duration. If you have additional questions, reach out to Customer desk.

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