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Why Choose Envigo for Mobile App Development Services in Delhi?

A well-crafted mobile app can be a game-changer for your business, but navigating the complexities of mobile app development can be daunting. That's where Envigo, a leading mobile app development company in Delhi, steps in. Here's why we're your ideal partner:

  • Dedicated Development Team: Our team of highly skilled and passionate mobile app developers boasts a proven track record of creating innovative and user-centric mobile apps that deliver exceptional results.
  • Platform Expertise: We are proficient in developing apps for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring your app reaches your target audience regardless of their device preference.
  • Agile Development Methodology: We embrace a collaborative and flexible Agile development approach. This ensures we work closely with you throughout the entire development process, incorporating your feedback at every stage.
  • Focus on User Experience (UX) & Design Thinking: We prioritise user experience (UX) by designing intuitive and user-friendly mobile apps that are not only visually appealing but also a joy to navigate and interact with.
  • Data-Driven Development: Informed decisions are key. Envigo leverages user research and data analytics to inform app design, functionalities, and marketing strategies to optimise user engagement and achieve your desired outcomes.

A Step-by-Step Guide

Crafting a successful mobile app requires a well-defined roadmap. Here's a glimpse into Envigo's collaborative mobile app development process in Delhi:

In-Depth Project
Discovery & Planning

User Research &
Competitive Analysis

App Design
& Prototyping

Agile Development &
Quality Assurance

App Launch &
Ongoing Support

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Optimising Your Mobile App Development Project

Developing an engaging and successful mobile app requires careful planning and a strategic approach. Here are some key considerations to ensure a thriving mobile app development project with Envigo in Delhi:

Clearly Define Your App Idea & Target Audience: Before embarking on development, take time to clearly define your mobile app's purpose and target audience. What problem does your app solve? Who are you trying to reach? A well-defined target audience helps tailor the app's design, functionalities, and marketing efforts to resonate with them and achieve your desired results.

Focus on User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI) Design: Prioritise a UX/UI design that is not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate and provides a seamless user experience. This keeps users engaged and coming back for more.

Embrace a Mobile-First Mentality: Mobile browsing and app usage are on the rise. Ensure your app is optimised for a flawless mobile experience. This includes responsive design elements, user-friendly features for touchscreens, and fast loading times to keep users engaged on the go.

Leverage Data Analytics & App Performance Monitoring: Data is key to ongoing improvement. Integrate app analytics tools to track user behaviour within your app. Analyse this data to identify areas for improvement and optimise your app's functionalities, content, and marketing strategies for maximum user engagement and conversions.

Prioritise App Security: Mobile security is crucial. Envigo adheres to industry best practices to safeguard your app from security vulnerabilities and protect user data. Regular security updates and maintenance are essential to maintain a secure app environment.

Plan for Scalability & Future Growth: Your app's needs may evolve over time. Choose a development approach that allows for scalability. A well-architected app can adapt to increasing user demands and integrate seamlessly with future updates and feature additions. Envigo builds mobile apps with scalability in mind, ensuring your app can grow alongside your business.

App Store Optimisation (ASO) for Discoverability: Make it easy for users to find your app. Envigo can help optimise your app's listing within app stores (Apple App Store & Google Play Store) by incorporating relevant keywords and crafting a compelling app description to increase discoverability and organic downloads.

Envigo's Ongoing Support for Your Mobile App's Success

At Envigo, we understand that launching your mobile app is just the first step. We're committed to providing 360-degree support to ensure your app thrives in the market. Here's how Envigo goes beyond development to fuel your app's success:

App Maintenance & Performance Optimisation

Regular app maintenance is essential. Envigo offers ongoing maintenance plans to ensure your app receives timely updates, bug fixes, and performance optimisations to keep your app running smoothly and delivering a flawless user experience.

User Engagement & Retention Strategies

Keeping users engaged is key. Envigo can explore various strategies to boost user engagement, such as push notifications, loyalty programs, or in-app features that encourage repeat use and user retention.

App Marketing & User Acquisition

Getting your app discovered is crucial. Envigo can explore app store marketing strategies and collaborate with you to develop a user acquisition plan to attract your target audience and drive organic downloads.

A Look at Envigo's Mobile App Development Services in Delhi

Envigo recognises that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't apply to mobile app development. We offer a variety of tailored development services in Delhi to cater to your specific project requirements, budget, and target audience.

Here's an overview of four distinct approaches we employ to bring your unique mobile app vision to life:


Native App Development (iOS & Android)

Deliver an optimal user experience tailored to each platform (iOS & Android) leveraging native functionalities and features for a seamless user experience. Ideal for apps requiring high performance, complex functionalities, or deep device integration.


Cross-Platform App Development

Reach a wider audience with a single codebase that can be deployed across both iOS and Android platforms. This approach is often more time and cost-effective for simpler apps or those targeting both major mobile operating systems


Hybrid App Development

Combine the benefits of native and web development. Hybrid apps utilise web technologies wrapped in a native app container, offering a balance between development speed, cost-efficiency, and some native functionality access.


Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

Deliver a web-app-like experience accessible through a mobile browser without requiring app store downloads. PWAs can be ideal for simpler apps or those requiring offline functionality without a native app download.

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Explore how we've helped businesses like yours achieve remarkable results.

Maximising user engagement for a global HR firm


Randstad aimed to promote its annual awards event through social media. Envigo built an integrated social strategy on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook by targeting influencers, speakers and panelists.

increase in organic
improvement in Social
Media engagement
trending hashtags
in India

Winning customers for India's largest learning platform


Unacademy was looking for a digital partner to scale their organic traffic and grow number of leads through search. Envigo's customised content strategy included content production around their most popular themes/courses through SMEs, 3000+ wordpress pages with backlinks to the website, tapping the first funnel of their users' journey etc.

growth in total traffic
within the first 4 months
increase in

Creating an online presence for one of India's oldest fashion brands


BIBA's team members were looking for a digital partner that could help them migrate from a homegrown platform to a world-class e-commerce platform. Envigo helped them create and execute the migration plan and developed a sound strategy to grow online transactions.

continued growth in
organic traffic
increase in
online transactions

Redefining luxury launches with strategic digital integration


ITC hotels, a luxury hotel chain, launched ITC Kohenur in Hyderabad. Located in the heart of Hyderabad's business district, ITC Kohenur aims to attract professionals and leisure travelers alike. Envigo created a highly targeted launch campaign on various paid platforms such as YouTube, TripAdvisor, and used influencer marketing to create the buzz.

increase in
brand searches
increase in
website visitors

Scalable content production for Careers360


To generate more relevant traffic for Careers360, we planned this ambitious project of creating a substantial amount of quality content around different courses and colleges. With a strong content production unit, strategic partnerships and flawless implementation, we exceeded the client expectations.

articles produced
per month
words per
decrease in
bounce rate


With over a decade of experience in delivering content services, we have built long lasting relationships with our clients in EdTech, Heath, Insurance, eCommerce, Banking, Travel, Apparel industries in India and abroad.

From the past 22 months Envigo has done a wonderful job in managing and handling projects on SEO, Social Media, Product Video and outreach articles for our organization. All the deliverables have reached us in a timely manner. Presentations and campaign material have been organized to be detailed and delivered systematically. They have a dedicated and responsive team that is open to idea, which makes working with them convenient.

Sohail Nath

Director, HMD

We've been associated with Envigo since 2009, and I have to say that it has transformed our digital journey tremendously. From strategy to execution, Envigo has been a great partner. Detailed campaign tracking and daily reports have always helped to take informed decisions and align our other marketing initiatives.

Anubhav Khanna

Manager - Digital Marketing, ITC Ltd - Hotels Division

The Envigo team comprise of multitalented digital experts who deliver on multiple aspects of online marketing. From Web development to SEO and Paid campaigns they are always a pleasure to work with and their experience shines through in their work.

Elizabeth Pinfold Reed

CEO and Founder, Good CX

The team at Envigo brings a perfect combination of diligence and technical expertise to roll out custom digital solutions at high speed, which enhances our capability to serve our customers better and quicker.

Shubhayan Banerjee,

Head - Digital Transformation, Marcellus Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd.

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