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When it comes to marking your company’s digital presence, paid search marketing is just as important as organic search. PPC (pay-per-click) ads are a cost-efficient method to make your brand gain immediate recognition. envigo is an online marketing agency in India that helps develop successful PPC campaigns across multiple digital advertising channels. These include, search engines, display ads, social media, content outreach and email advertising.

Our experts stay updated with any and every upgrade in technology, systems, and apps. The SEM team utilizes high performing keywords to compete for highest PPC rankings. In addition to that, we believe that a successful PPC campaign requires an ingenuous mix of creativity and strategy.

Our media plan combines ROI, reach, sales uplift and cross-platform behaviour. Such direct response campaigns are dictated by sales metrics and are closely monitored for better ROIs. Hence, armed with an effective PPC strategy, we strive to maximise traffic on your website.

online advertising services

PPC Advertising

With new device launches, technology releases and system updates happening almost every day, apps require constant maintenance and upgrades. Maintenance services at our PPC agency always help your product to stay updated with the changing times.

Display Advertising

A visual impact is necessary when it comes to display advertising. Your message is portrayed loud and clear with elements such as images, audios and videos through banner ads.

Email Lead Generation

Email marketing is a consistent source of lead generation for any brand. We mix creativity and strategy to get you the maximum number of clicks.

Media Planning and Execution

Figuring out the where’s and how’s of media advertising by exploring the various channels, target audiences, frequencies and budgets to put your brand across.

Remarketing and Programmatic Buying

Working along a predefined budget, we hand-select media channels aimed at your chosen target audience by maximising on the key performance indicators.

social media advertising

Making use of the vast social media network, you get advertised across all major B2B and B2C social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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digital marketing services

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