Publishing Giant Leverages Content Management To Drive Organic Traffic

  • Aug 09, 2022

  • by Santosh Singh

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Publishing Giant Leverages Content Management To Drive Organic Traffic

Content is one of the most influential tools of the 21st century that thrives on effective marketing. An experienced digital marketing agency relies on strategic content management, which when implemented thoroughly can improve content scalability.

Over the past few years, it has become clear that content scaling is essential for the publishing sector. But, why content marketing is important in this industry is closely linked to the challenges it faces. Scaling in the publishing industry is challenging because it demands a low turn-around-time in the face of constantly changing trends. With almost any other service, you can either educate the audience with prior marketing or reassure them with after-sales services. But, what extra can you offer when content itself is the only product that you must create and replenish every single day?

We were required to undertake this task  when a leading publishing house that was struggling to generate traffic on its website reached out to us. From our perspective, this problem had one solution - we had to find a way to reduce the publication turn-around time to scale content marketing and improve organic search on the client’s website.

Devising a custom content scaling strategy

Technology has reduced the lifespan of news content. Hence, keeping track of the rapidly changing news pattern was an essential part of our customised content marketing services for this client. We established that scalability in the publishing sector cannot be achieved without content that is fresh and diverse. Our background analysis made it evident that our client’s website was attracting much lower viewership than its competitors despite being in the business for a longer time.

To alter this, we had three main objectives - to amplify traffic on their site, to establish a new user-base that would actively seek their content, and to increase their page views.

Aware of the complexities surrounding content scaling in the publishing sector, we knew that simply producing content would not suffice. We would have to reduce the turn-around time for publishing. To achieve this, the topics, the keywords, the content length, and the number of articles would have to strategically align for our client’s website to gain traction. Hence, we made a timetable and rigorously followed it for three months.

Our first task of the day would begin with our SEO team making an exhaustive list of trending keywords from different sources, which we would deliver to the client by 11:00 am. By 2:00 pm the client would create content around the keywords provided by us. Once they were done, we would review the content pieces, optimise them as per SEO requirements (title, keywords, keyword density etc.) and upload the content pieces on their website. In the meantime our SEO team would deliver the second set of keywords to the client, who would once again churn out new content based on our suggestions, and we would upload it for consistent page views throughout the day.

Through our consistent efforts, we were able to publish 20-50 content pieces per day based on the 100-300 keywords that were trending each day. By the end of three months, our client had successfully published over 4500 content pieces based on our well-researched list of keywords. This strategy of steady content scaling for our client ensured increased traction on their website.

Result and Reflection

Our client saw 150% growth in organic traffic, 160% growth in new users, and 140% growth in pageviews, within a span of three months.

The technique of designing a unique timetable turned out to be a huge success because we focused on reducing the content turn-around time by working closely with our client’s in-house content team. Since we were working with a publishing house, whose expertise lies in content creation, we decided to primarily focus on managing their content cycle. Time optimisation was one of the biggest challenges that we successfully overcame. We were also able to deliver the desired results to our client within a span of three months.

Through the entire course of working with this client, we faced several challenges. However, our success made us privy to some  key learnings about the benefits of consistent, high-quality content marketing that helped us enhance our expertise further.

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