Winning back mindspace (and search engine space) from competition

Hertz - A global car rental provider with presence in 100+ countries; for its Australian website

The Endeavour

Constant competitor activity had led to an overall erosion of search engine ranks. The challenge was to win ranks aggressively on high volume keywords. The KPI’s was revenue generated from un-attributable traffic (non-brand organic, non-paid referrals) and the Keyword Visibility index

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The Enabling

The comprehensive lack of the website’s presence from various high volume keywords had led to a gradual erosion of brand recognition. envigo’s solution centred on two pronged approach:

1. Quick wins- Various key optimisation parameters were improved on key site pages and in website configuration which showed an immediate impact on Keyword Visibility. The market trophy keywords (top 2 highest volume keywords) responded by moving into the first page of results from the third page.

2. Long Haul improvements- Various long-term site improvements were planned. The landing pages were migrated to Envigo’s superior landing page management system that improved the pages ability to crawl and refresh tremendously. The page migration was planned and tested comprehensively to ensure that existing page authority was maintained.

A sustainable and high quality, research backed local business contact program was initiated. This increased awareness, while generating high quality local citations and links for the client website. The number of unique non-keywords generating organic traffic increased by 1450%

The End Result

The increase in organic traffic for the first two years has been 250% and 145% respectively.. The increase in un-attributable revenue for the first two years has been 325% and 172% respectively.