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How well your business is doing is gauged by looking at how your website is performing on SERPs – that is what SEO is all about really.

So, how do you see your website’s performance? You look at the kind of traffic you’re getting:
1. Is it paid, organic, or both?
2. What is the quantity of traffic that you’re getting?
3. And, more importantly, is it quality traffic?

While paid search is a whole different ballgame, our focus is on generating organic traffic. And to get that organic traffic, any digital marketing agency in India will work on fine-tuning their SEO practices.

If you’re SEO practices are consistently good and updated, then the quantity and quality of traffic will also improve.

What you need to keep in mind, however, is that organic search is dynamic; it is constantly evolving, with new SEO trends identified every year. For any and every SEO agency, adapting to new changes is crucial.

At envigo, we’ve been keeping a track of everything that happens in the digital marketing world. It’s partially because we’re nerds like that, but also because it really helps our clients.

We started by getting a group of search engine veterans who’ve been in the game since 2003. Being in the industry for around 14 years has given us our fair share of experiences. Experiences that we use to help you.

For the first step towards optimising your website, we do a thorough site and market review, going over every detail from top to bottom and inside-out. This helps us to create a detailed plan based on our findings.
The idea is to get the highest impact with minimal changes.

And being a professional SEO agency means that we work consistently to come up with a well-optimised SEO improvement roadmap.

While creating your SEO improvement roadmap, we use some key organic search factors for systematic planning.

These key factors come under:
1. Technical SEO
2. Outreach
3. Content

Depending on your business goals and requirements, we either provide you all services or a specially customised mix of the three.

But what do these search engine optimisation factors actually entail? How do they affect your search engine rankings? We’ll break it down for you.


We employ tech SEO services for the sole purpose of ensuring that search engines are able to crawl your website and index your content.

Our technical audits begin with the setup month where we conduct a thorough audit of your website to see what you need. We believe that a month gives us enough time to figure what improvements can be made to your website.

After we are done auditing your website to we start on the development changes to increase your rankings. Tech SEO involves implementing the following changes to your website:
• Site architecture
• Link structure
• Configuration files
• Header response & Crawl errors
• Page Load Speed
• URL Structure

Site Architecture

A good structure leads to a good user experience. By creating an organised site architecture, your customers can easily navigate your website and stay on it for longer.

From the perspective of SERPs, a well-planned site architecture gives your site more sitelinks. It also helps bots to crawl and index your website more thoroughly. So, the SERPs will display not just your main page but also the internal links.

Link Structure

Even your URL needs to be optimised for best SEO practises. We make sure that your URL has an SEO-friendly structure by removing excessive number of dynamic parameters. We add keywords to your URLs for better searchability and also reduce the length of the URLs for a better user experience.

Configuration Files

Configuration files are basically XML sitemaps that readable only by search engines. An XML sitemap contains all the URLs of your web pages in one text file.

The XML sitemap works as a starting point for crawlers to go through your website in a systematic manner.

Header Response & Crawl Errors

Redirect and status codes help the search engine’s web servers know what is happening every time someone accesses your website.

We make sure that the correct redirect codes are being used on your website. We also ensure that there are no crawl errors that may be preventing search engines from crawling your pages.

Page Load Speed

The God of Search Engines (Google) has decreed that the faster your page loads, the more likely are your visitors to stay on your website.

We implement various methods such as compressing images, browser caching and switching to faster hosting to ensure that your customers aren’t waiting around for your website to load.

URL Structure

A well-structured URL helps search engines to compare the relevancy of the page to the term/phrase used in the search.

We optimise the URL structure by creating hierarchical URLs, with pertinent keywords inserted here too.


Outreach is about fine-tuning factors that are not on your website. To put it in simpler terms, this involves telling search engines what others think of your website.

Outreach involves creating backlinks and outbound links between your website and other trusted sites. By creating quality links, we establish your website’s authority and reputation.

But in order to have quality links, having link-worthy, quality content is essential.

Social media is also a part of outreach through sharing/liking and linking on B2B and B2C social media platforms.

Outreach activities such as influencer marketing and guest blogging are also a part of off-page optimisation; so, we find top influencers in your industry to help generate more relevant links.

Quality key metrics for outreach:
• Domain Authority
• Reach
• Number of Linking Root Domains
• Link Attributes – nofollow, dofollow (preferred)
• Content Relevancy

Domain Authority

The Domain Authority (DA) is the first thing that marketers should look at during link building.

It is a score, given out of 100, that determines how well a site will rank on SERPs. A higher score indicates that the site has a greater ranking ability, or rather, a greater value.

Keep in mind that DA is more of a comparative metric, as opposed to an absolute one. It is best used for comparing link profiles of various sites rather as an absolute scoring metric of the particular domain’s SEO efforts.

Page Authority (PA) is also similarly calculated, but for a single page. While a good metric to consider, PA isn’t one of the top factors, unless you are focusing on the homepage which would undoubtedly have a high PA.


The amount of reach a website has determines whether it would be a suitable influencer or not. The reach is determined by the website’s community, or audience engagement, which can help push your content forward.

To know whether a site has good engagement, look at its number of comments, RSS feed, newsletter subscribers, and social media presence (shares and followers).

Linking Root Domains

The number of unique linking root domains determines a particular websites popularity.

In simpler words, the number of quality backlinks that a website has to pages/sites with a greater authority will help it rank high on SERPs.

Link Attributes

Link attributes include nofollow and dofollow links on a page. As marketers, focus needs to be on dofollow links as they indicate search engine crawlers to follow the link.

By getting dofollow links from a quality website, your page receives some of its link juice, gets a better page rank and gets a good backlink.

Content Relevancy

Content relevancy is also one of the top metrics for outreach and link building. You need to see whether the content of a website is relevant to yours, regardless of that website’s authority or ranking.

If there is no relevancy between the content subjects, then chances of you attracting your target audience from the links wold be low.

It also helps to note when the content was last updated on the website that you are targeting for links.


Also known as on-site SEO, content optimisation involves optimising different parts of your website that have the potential of affecting your search engine rankings.

Content optimisation is all about creating a good user-experience, too.

Here are the factors that contribute towards on-page SEO:
• Keywords
• Title Tags
• Headings
• Content
• Internal Linking
• Adding Alt Text


The keywords that you use on your website are absolutely crucial to generating traffic; these are the words/phrases that your customers are using to search for you/your product.

We carefully select keywords that are relevant to your business and zero in on the high performing ones.

These chosen keywords are then implemented throughout your website.

Title Tags

The title tag is an HTML element that is basically a title of your website’s page. Title tags are actually quite important for your website. The title tags are clickable links that your customers see on the SERPs.

In order for your web page’s title tag to appear on the SERPs, we make sure that the title tag has relevant keywords in it.


Headings are the most prominent features of your page, simply because they are the largest. Search engines, for this reason, give them quite a lot of weightage.

Due to this, we make sure that even your headings and sub-headings are created using the top keywords. The headings are also wrapped in H1 and H2 tags added in the code.


The content is the most important aspect of your page, as compared to any other factor. It is what your customer has come to your website to see. Therefore, creating good content is crucial.

But what makes for good content?

A good piece of content is that which is useful to your customers and gives them the information that they are looking for. To make sure that the content of your page appears in the SERPs, we make sure to create keyword optimised content.

Internal Linking

Internal linking connects one page of your website to other pages within the same website. Adding internal links to your page helps in spreading page authority and ranking power throughout your site.

We add links that provide value by directing your customer to other relevant pages on your website.

Adding Alt Text

Alt text is a piece of text that describes the images on your website. Since search engines cannot read images, they end up crawling the alt text on images instead.

Since alt text also contributes to your relevancy on SERPs, it is important to include keywords here too.

With the focus shifting towards mobile-first indexing, at envigo, we also provide SEO optimisations for responsive mobile websites.

After we are done optimising your website as thoroughly as possible, it only makes sense to track and analyse its performance. Our analytics team is well-versed in using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, AdWords and other such systems, for tracking and analysis.

search engine optimisation (seo) services

Keyword Research and Topics

Topics and keywords impact content, outreach strategy and user engagement campaigns. The selection and prioritisation needs to be done first in the process of seo optimisation.

Local & International SEO

Winning at local search and global SEO agency requires very different game-plans. The key is to execute them well to success. Sounds straightforward?

Page and Site Optimisation

Page and Website are the force-multipliers in SEO optimisation services. Each such improvement might require IT involvement and we work to increase ROI by maximising Return (traffic gain) and minimising IT effort.

Content Planning

Your target audience determines the content writer recruitment. It’s all about matching relevant backgrounds and native speakers. Keeps our life simple.

Inbound Link Creation

To amplify your searchability even further, we build on the various inbound and internal links that help in maximising your search score.

Multilingual Site Optimisation

Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Salaam! We use content created from the required country along with extensive multi-site, multi-lingual SEO marketing tactics. No matter which country or language you require support in, we will be able to provide it.

Mobile SEO

Mobile-first or post-mobile, that is the question really. Search Engine Optimisation for mobile is quite important. The size of the mobile screen and Google unified search results make it challenging but interesting.

App Optimisation

You have an app? That's great! Because we can optimise that too with our magical abilities of making your app search engine friendly.

google business listings

Get visibility for your business in the Google map results that show up as part of a regular search on Google.

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