Publishing Giant Improves Website Ranking Through Expert SEO Strategy

  • Sep 08, 2022

  • by Santosh Singh

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Publishing Giant Improves Website Ranking Through Expert SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), in the simplest words, strengthens a website’s online presence. An experienced digital SEO agency can help improve website ranking as well as increase organic traffic.

Expert SEO services become strategically important for brands in the publishing sector establishing themselves in the digital world amidst competitors. Publishing houses want their content to be disseminated as widely as possible to generate more traffic. However, increasing visibility on the web is a highly technical process requiring SEO expertise.

A similar struggle was experienced by a leading Indian publishing house who approached us to help them increase organic traffic and improve website ranking. Our first response was to automatically lean into the technical SEO and basic SEO hygiene of their existing website. Everything followed from there.

SEO Optimisation: Technical SEO, SEO Hygiene and Website Audit

To develop a custom SEO strategy, we conducted a detailed audit of our client’s website. Keeping in mind our client’s ask of increasing their presence on search engines across India, we devised a three-component SEO implementation strategy - technical and basic SEO hygiene, Advanced SEO and Content-based SEO.

After this, we analysed competitor websites to see where else our client’s lacked. This revealed that our client’s website had the lowest number of index pages and backlinks. The domain authority and page authority of its website were also lower than its competitors despite our client having a longer online presence.

Step 1: We dedicated our efforts on Technical SEO management. Our focus was on dynamic XML to provide scalability and automation for the future. Next step was to check and fix their website’s Basic SEO hygiene by creating missing canonical, meta and headline tags.

Step 2: Over the next two months, we monitored the client website for irrelevant and spammy links, keyword ranks, absent keyword visibility, duplicate title tags, missing meta descriptions and broken links.

Step 3: To ensure that our client’s website was equipped to grow and retain its potential audience once traffic was directed its way, we also ran an SEO check on their existing content to verify its relevance.

Finally, to further increase organic traffic on their website and ensure improved ranking, we curated a highly customised content management strategy with updated, specialised and exhaustive set of keywords. This helped the client create fresh content on an SEO-sound website.

Results Of Our Expert SEO Strategy

Through our dedicated efforts, our client was able to see 150% growth in organic traffic, 160% growth in new users, and 140% growth in pageviews within three months.

In our experience, having a one-on-one interaction with the client in the initial stages helped us understand the struggles of our client. Taking time to understand the existing specifics of our client’s website and conducting competitor analysis helped us develop a strategy that was designed to serve their particular needs. Communicating plans and strategies clearly for customised recommendations helped address whatever was missing on the website. Lastly, managing content while delivering professional SEO services to our client meant we provided a holistic ROI service.

The client now has a healthy website with highly optimised, content-centric, keyword-appropriate and dynamic XML sitemap-enabled webpages. Being required to manage multiple aspects of SEO, through the course of working with this client, was challenging. However, the results that we were able to achieve within the short span of three months made it worth the effort.

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