Best Email Marketing Practices for SAAS companies

  • Jul 13, 2020

  • by Harsh Sagar

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Best Email Marketing Practices for SAAS companies

In a world where marketing is the key to success, promoting SaaS products, which have no physical presence, can be quite challenging. In such situations, email marketing can be of great help in promoting your products. With approximately 3.9 billion active email users around the world, a lot of the email users may be interested in your niche market. You can take advantage of this opportunity and use email marketing strategies in the right way to build your brand loyalty.

Email Marketing Campaigns that Drive Results

Whether you are planning an email marketing campaign for SaaS or any other product or service, there are certain points that you must follow to generate leads. So, here are some of the best practices to follow for email marketing campaigns.

  • Write compelling subject line- People opt to read or pass an email based on the subject line. This is why you need to write a catchy and concise subject line that also creates a sense of urgency among the readers.
  • Avoid spam emails- Avoid sending emails that are filtered as spam. Subject lines using all capital letters, too many exclamation marks, gimmicky words are some of the points that spam filters look for in your email.
  • Include an email signature- People are keen on reading emails that have a human touch. Even if the email is sent on behalf of your company, make sure it has the signature of a specific person for a personal touch.  
  • Personalize the greeting- Personalized greetings with the first names of the potential customers grab the attention of the reader right away.
  • Use a creative CTA- Make sure that CTA you plan to use is bright, easy to find, click, and shares your message. In addition, add alt text to the CTA buttons and hyperlink them to the landing pages.

Need for a Unique Marketing Approach for SaaS Companies

SaaS companies, however, need to do something out-of-the-box to grab the attention of their target audience when it comes to email marketing. They need to send out the message in the right tone to avoid cutting off the only effective way of contacting your customer. To be precise, if your email doesn’t have the right message, you are heading for a churn, an industry term used for losing customers and your money. The right email marketing campaign can help you drop your churn rate by 5% and boost your profit margins.  Here are some steps that unique email marketing strategies that SaaS companies need to follow for improved conversion.

Know the Customer Persona

The success of an email marketing campaign depends on your ability to develop a strong relationship with your customers. Knowing that your customers are interested in SaaS is only the first step to success. You need to understand the needs of the customers at the given moment and use the best strategies to engage them. Before sending an email, identify the marketing persona, and make sure you stick to it.

Timing is Important

When it comes to SaaS products, don’t shy away from emailing your customers. However, this doesn’t mean you will bombard them with the same boring emails repeatedly. Approximately 69 percent of the users unsubscribe as a result of receiving excessive emails. When planning a SaaS email marketing campaign, keep in mind the following points:

  • The industry statistics
  • Nature of email
  • Nature of the product

Though there is no magic number that you can stick to, you can always test to find out what works the best for your email marketing campaign.

Send Product Emails

SaaS marketing can be quite a task. However, to stay in touch with customers, you MUST send the following emails to the subscribers:

  • Welcome emails- the first step to building a lasting relationship with customers
  • Product updates- inform the customer about the recent updates that you have introduced and how those are useful.
  • Newsletters- identify the target audience and craft attractive newsletters that have share-worthy content.
  • Promotional emails- share promotional emails that inform about slashed price, extended free trial, or a discounted add-on.
  • Feedback emails- asking for feedback not only makes you trustworthy but also helps you identify pain-points and issues with user-experience.

Segmentation is a Smart Move

When it comes to email marketing strategies, segmentation is indispensable. Successful email marketers around the world strive to target the right audience by sending personalized email campaigns with the help of email segmentation. Use the attributes such as age, location, past purchasing history, opening, and click rate of certain emails for the segmentation process.

Save Time and Money with Email Marketing Automation

Whether you need to acquire leads, market or sell your product to the target audience, an email marketing automation tool can be of great help. The automation tool can also be used to send emails on certain triggers such as page visit, customer behaviour across channels, and search history before making the purchase.

Last Few Words

SaaS email marketing presents a new set of challenges, but it also offers great opportunities and returns. Follow these practices to meet your targets effectively and boost your growth rapidly.

 If you are looking for any kind of support for marketing automation or planning to launch an email marketing campaign, Envigo can help you out. We can help you re-engage with the unused leads for a better conversion rate. Visit us to find out more about our marketing automation services.

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