EdTech Giant Doubles its Reach Within 3 Months Using Customised Content Strategy

  • Aug 17, 2022

  • by Santosh Singh

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EdTech Giant Doubles its Reach Within 3 Months Using Customised Content Strategy

We can all agree that the pandemic has transformed the Indian education sector. Within a span of two years, students’ demand for digital education has grown immensely. Owing to this,  EdTech has become one of India’s fastest growing industries that primarily depends on content. Hence, when it comes to education, content that does not adapt as per students’ needs cannot gain traction in the EdTech space. This was one of the major pain points of our client, who otherwise had a strong foothold in the industry. When they approached our ROI driven digital marketing agency with their requirement, we decided to utilise content management to establish their topical authority for an organic growth in traffic.

Developing a user-based content marketing strategy

To develop a customised content scaling strategy for our client, we began with a competitor website analysis. Through this we learned that organic traffic on our client’s website was the lowest among its competitors despite them having a pioneering presence in EdTech.

To administer our content marketing services, we developed a strategy based on the user journey, in this case, the students. The top of the funnel consisted of students in the first stage who were searching for generic topics, exam-based questions, syllabus etc. The middle of the funnel consisted of students in the second stage who were gathering information regarding exam notifications, study calendars, and preparation schedules. The bottom of the funnel consisted of students in the final stage or the conversion stage who were looking for specific information on live classes, or researching particular teachers.

Our client was primarily focussing on students in the final stage of their user journey since these students were closest to conversion. We expanded this approach by tapping  on the students in the first stage who were researching exam-based questions. We suggested that delivering in-depth quality content on the most-asked questions during the first phase itself would be the best way to convert these students into long-term subscribers.

To execute this, our content scaling strategy focussed on the revenue generated by all the themes and topics already existing on our client’s website. The more revenue a theme generated, the more content we planned for it. Primarily, we reproduced three types of content - owned (website pages, pillar pages, blogs and landing pages), paid (PR, guest posts, influencer outreach), and earned (forums, Q&As, user groups).

Since in-house strategy and planning dominated our role in content management for this EdTech giant, we reeled in three other agencies to create content based on our strategy. With dedicated SEO, technical and content teams, and two account managers we gathered over 30,000 keywords each month and created over 1200 new content pieces for website pages, pillar pages, 3rd party blogs, landing pages, Q&A pages, guest posts and user groups.

In our dedication to never compromise on quality, we only hired subject-matter experts to write content for our client. We also restructured the existing content to suit our scaling agenda.

Result & Reflection

With our highly customised content strategy, our client received 38,000 live pages, 2 times increase in traffic, and 85% increase in revenue in a span of three months.

Giving precedence to understanding the user journey enabled us to design a customised strategy that would  fulfil our client’s goals. By directing our focus on users at the top funnel of content consumption, we were able to accelerate our client’s website traffic organically. Simultaneously, our decision to collaborate with subject-matter experts  for specialised website content and three other agencies  for content production ensured quality traffic leading to steady conversion. In short, we listened to the users, we heard the client, we strategised, we collaborated with others, and we delivered.

The requirements of our client were different from the needs of their users yet both were inextricably linked to each other. It was our task to find this link to ensure that our client’s website witnesses organic growth.

Based on these results, the client renewed the contract for the second year. We aim to continue scaling their growth, and making them the leaders of this highly competitive industry. This experience has refined our knowledge of the EdTech sector as well as sharpened our understanding of its user base.

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