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We love web applications and working on them! With a knack for web development, we work with a team of highly experienced UI experts, HTML designers, back-end developers, database ops and deployment specialists, all under the guidance of project managers. When it comes to our web development services in India, we are always dedicated toward the mantra of Plan, Solve, & Deliver!

We have diligently worked and invested in .NET development since day 1 at envigo. Our experience and skills include building custom applications and custom CMS using ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Ajax, ASP.NET Dynamic data, Web Services, REST, SOAP, JSON, WCF. We are also well-versed with SharePoint & nopCommerce. We also like to keep ourselves abreast with the latest technologies and several PHP frameworks, such as Laravel, CakePHP, and CodeIgniter, among many others to ensure that our solutions fit your needs like the missing puzzle piece!

We take adequate precaution and great care in web development, while strictly applying security protocols to ensure protection against SQL injections and CSRF attacks. There are also multiple testing phases - developer testing and code reviews, QA testing, and user acceptance testing.

Our job does not end just upon the completion of monthly targets and deliverables. We like to keep a regular check on your system for regular updates and variation upgrades even after execution.

web development services

Business Analysis

Eliciting business requirements out of various stakeholders requires persistence and insight. We prioritise requirements by expected ROI and also reference any contextual information - screenshots, competitor benchmarking, best practices, stakeholder concerns and goals.

Wireframes & User Stories

User stories keep the development process tightly focussed on the end user. Especially used in Agile methodologies, we try to use it wherever relevant.

PHP Web Development

Nginx + Maria DB supports 200x concurrent users compared to Apache + MySQL using the same PHP code. When we heard of such things, we fell in love. We bring this excitement into PHP web development. We keep ourselves abreast with the latest technologies and PHP frameworks such as Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter and many more so that our solutions fit your needs and not the other way round.

.NET Web Development

We have invested in .NET development from day 1 here at envigo. We've developed custom solutions in areas such as Billing and Payment, Marketplace and Auctions; Corporate Information Systems and Web Portals for Hospitality Industry, Financial Institutions and FMCG companies. Our experience and skills include building custom applications and custom CMS using ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Ajax, ASP.NET Dynamic data, Web Services, REST, SOAP, JSON, WCF. We are also well versed with SharePoint & nopCommerce.


We like to build applications with an agile approach. This approach helps us to rapidly build complex applications, handle change requests, and deliver high quality products in a timely manner.


Our experts make sure that the application is easy to use by the end user. We highlight and lead users to parts of your application which is most important for your business, be it on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Data Security

We understand the need of securing the data captured in your application. We take great care in developing the application and apply strict security protocols to protect your application from SQL injections and CSRF attacks.


We develop scalable solutions using cloud services, caching, NoSQL DBs and load balancing. We have immense experience in creating complex enterprise grade solutions to ensure scalability, interoperability and speed. We have successfully delivered applications with 100,000 concurrent requests.


There are multiple testing phases - Developer testing and code reviews where unit testing and integration testing of the code is done for every module. This is followed by QA testing, where our testers perform cross browser testing. The project manager then starts user acceptance testing, where the entire application is tested by various stakeholders.

Web Maintenance

The job does not end upon completion. You can expect us to keep an eye on your system even after it has been executed with regular updates and variations.

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