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When you want to do a quick search for a nearby restaurant – what do you do? In a pinch, just check it online on your smartphone or use a mobile app. We, at envigo, realised the trend of budding mobile websites and apps right at the beginning and adapted to it by providing mobile app development services in India.

We like to understand your needs before zeroing down on the best solution for your business goals. We have an experienced team of competent iOS, Android, and Windows experts who focus solely on mobile app development and its optimisation to achieve the desired results, along with providing an amazing user interface. Apart from native app development, we also provide hybrid app development, also known as cross-platform app development, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Our team also ensures that your mobile website and app are quick to load, offer a smooth experience, and are cross-browser compatible, along with providing an intuitive UI. To ensure that only the best front-end experience is delivered to our clients, we create interactive mocks that are treated as the contextual base for creating the final set of designs.

We understand that your mobile website and app are synonymous with your brand’s identity. Therefore, you can trust us to take good care of your mobile app development, keeping everything bug-free with continuous system/version upgrades.

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Business Analysis

After thoroughly understanding the vision of our clients and gathering market insights, we propose the best mobile solution. A comprehensive document is created outlining work-flows, designs, use cases and processes.

Wire-Framing & Designing

We understand how crucial front-end experience is to drive user acquisition and engagement. In order to deliver the finest designs without compromising on the usability, interactive mocks are created. These mocks act as the contextual base to create the final set of designs.

Website Development

Keeping the business requirements in mind, a skilled team is put in place. At envigo, we strive to deliver end-to-end solutions. We work on HTML, CSS, jQuery and JS on the front-end, while PHP, Java, .NET and SQL power our back-end.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid, or cross-platform, app development is the best to target multiple platforms with the same code using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Native App Development

At envigo, we have dedicated teams working on Native technologies to develop apps on iOS, Android and Windows.

Website Quality Assurance

Since mobile websites are the primary source of user acquisition on mobile, we settle for the perfect product and nothing else. Our mobile sites are delivered only after they have been tested across various browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, etc), and their various versions on different operating systems and devices.

App Quality Assurance

In order to deliver a bug-free and smooth experience for your users, apps and their versions go through quality checks on various devices and operating systems. Accessibility and design are tested across multiple screen resolutions and under different test scenarios. Only once the apps are QA approved are they delivered to the client.


We understand that your website and your apps are your brand identity and it is critical to maintain it. Therefore, you can trust us to always keep your site and app running bug-free with continuous system or version upgrades.

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